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Published on 9月 17th, 2014 | by Hirokazu


tofubeats live “Disco no kamisama VOL.2″ @Daikanyama UNIT September 12

I went to the live of tofubeats (who is a japanese musician) called “Disco no kamisama VOL.2“.
(“Disco no kamisama” means “a god of discos”.)
It was held on September 12 at Daikanyama UNIT.

Time table is as follows:

This is the second time for me to go to the live of tofubeats.
The event of Maltine Records called “TOKYO” was the first time for me to go to tofubeats’ live.
He played as DJ and didn’t sing much at that time.

But this time, he sang a lot.
He sang “poolside” and “20140803” that were published on Youtube and include in the album named “First Album”.
Also, he sang “SUISEI” and “Don’t stop the music” and played “mention to you” next to the remix of “Disco no kamisama”.

After that, he sang “Her Favorite” with Okadada (who is a japanese DJ).
Finally, Takashi Fujii (who is a comedian and a singer) appeared on the stage and sang “Disco no kamisama“.
He danced as soon as he came on the stage.

Then, he sang his songs after playing as a DJ.
He sang some songs include his albums, and also sang his hit song  “Nanda Kanda“.
He danced aggressively and talked with audience. I think he is a real entertainer.

He comment “I will release something about ‘music’ on September 19″.
I am looking forward to checking his release on twitter.

tofubeats’ live was very cool, and also Takashi Fujii was very cool too.
tofubeats will take part in some events and stage some lives after releasing his album.


※日本語記事「tofubeatsライブ「ディスコの神様VOL.2」@代官山UNIT 9月12日」はこちらで公開しています。

We also made our songs.
when you wish upon a star EP

I made too.

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